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We are a warm and inviting family-owned Early Learning Centre in Gaven, QLD

Welcome to Gaven Early Learning Centre, a warm and inviting family-owned and operated centre. We are dedicated to providing exceptional educational programs that nurture each child’s individuality and ignite their passion for learning and exploration. With a comprehensive curriculum aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework and QLD Learning Guidelines, we create a stimulating environment where children can thrive.

Our centre offers a range of services, including long day care for children aged 6 weeks to 13 years, before and after school care, and vacation care. We provide a fully air-conditioned facility designed to accommodate energetic minds and bodies, offering ample space for learning, playing, resting, exploring, and social interactions.

Fees starting as low as $22* per day (*Price may vary depending on your child care subsidy entitlements).

Room for growth

We offer a range of carefully designed rooms that cater to the unique needs and developmental stages of children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. Our dedicated educators provide a nurturing and stimulating environment in each room, fostering holistic development and a love for learning.

Each room follows a routine tailored to the individual needs and ages of the children. Routines are displayed in each room and can be requested at any time. We value feedback from families and provide communication charts and daily programs to keep you informed about your child’s day.

Nursery Room

6 weeks - 2 years

In our nurturing Nursery Room, we provide a safe and loving environment where our youngest learners can thrive!

Junior Kindy Room

2-3 Years

In our Junior Kindy Room, curious minds come alive through engaging activities and play-based learning.

Senior Kindy Room

3-4 Years

Our Senior Kindy Room is a place where imaginations soar and friendships start to blossom.

Kindergarten Room

3.5 - 5 Years

In our Kindergarten Room, we offer a Queensland Government-approved Kindergarten Program led by a fully qualified Early Childhood Trained Teacher.

We are committed to ensuring that at Gaven Early Learning Centre your family is the heart and soul of our entire operations. You are your child’s first teacher and we understand that role is an ever so challenging one (but equally as rewarding) and this is one we can support you in entirely.

We understand that starting a new learning journey can be both exciting and challenging. Our orientation process helps children and families familiarise themselves with our centre's routine and activities. We encourage short orientation visits to ensure a smooth transition and positive experiences for both children and parents.

Our dedicated educators are committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment for your child. They facilitate interest-led play and implement the curriculum based on the Early Years Learning Framework, creating meaningful learning experiences. We value the happiness and professional growth of our educators, as their positive experiences translate into exceptional care for our children and families.

Kindergarten Program

Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program, delivered by our qualified Early Education Teacher

Our Kindergarten Program has received official approval from the Queensland Government. Delivered by our highly qualified Early Education Teacher, who holds a four-year university degree, our program is designed to prepare children for formal schooling while instilling a lifelong passion for learning.

Our dedicated Early Education Teacher has undergone extensive professional development, specifically focusing on the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines based on the Early Years Learning Framework. Equipped with the latest knowledge and best practices, our teacher delivers outstanding educational Kindergarten Programs that nurture children’s knowledge, skills, and positive dispositions.

We believe in providing a safe and caring environment where children can have fun while expanding their skills. Our play-based learning experiences offer a range of activities tailored to each child’s individual needs, ensuring they are well-prepared for their schooling journey.

Want to find out more?

At Gaven Early Learning Centre, our officially approved Queensland Government Kindergarten Program is delivered by our highly qualified Early Education Teacher. With a strong focus on preparing children for formal schooling, our play-based learning experiences cultivate a lifelong love for learning.

Our dedicated Early Education Teacher has undergone extensive professional development, ensuring a deep understanding of the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and the Early Years Learning Framework. This expertise enables us to provide outstanding educational programs that nurture children’s knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes towards learning.

The Kindergarten Program hours are 9am – 3pm Monday – Friday and accommodates the needs of every family. We also offer long day care at either side of these hours which ultimately gives families the flexibility to leave their child for longer hours – if necessary.  We understand the importance of supporting working families, offering longer hours of care.

In partnership with the neighboring school, we facilitate school readiness activities, including regular visits to the Preparatory class and library. By actively participating in school events such as sports days and gala performances, our children gain familiarity with the school environment, ensuring a smooth transition to formal schooling.

Embracing technology, our interactive whiteboards create a captivating and engaging learning environment, fostering active participation and exploration.

At Gaven Early Learning Centre, we are committed to providing a comprehensive Kindergarten Program that prepares children academically, socially, and emotionally. Our goal is to empower children with the necessary skills, knowledge, and positive dispositions for a successful future.

The first day at Gaven Early Learning Centre is an exciting time for both you and your child! Our educators are well-prepared to welcome your child and ensure a smooth transition. We understand that this day can bring some anxiety, especially for children who are new to care. Rest assured, we will keep you informed of your child’s progress throughout the day.

To ensure a seamless experience, please remember to label all of your child’s belongings, including comfort items, and hand them over to their dedicated Educator.

At Gaven ELC, we provide wipes, sunscreen, and all meals including breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and a late snack. This helps prepare your child for their first day and eases the process for you.

You are welcome to stay as long as needed to reassure your child. Sometimes, it’s helpful for educators to settle your child upon arrival while you spend some extra time with them during collection. We understand your emotions and are here to support both you and your child.

When dropping off, we encourage parents to say goodbye, and please remember that you can call the Centre at any time to check on your child throughout the day.

During pick-up, we invite you to review the Daily Program and Communication Charts, and have a conversation with your child’s Educator about their first day.

At Gaven Early Learning Centre, we understand the importance of a smooth transition for new children and families. That’s why we offer a comprehensive orientation process to familiarise everyone with our daily routine and activities, ensuring a quick settling-in period. Working together with families, our Centre Manager will coordinate visits for your child to meet our educators and participate in activities. We recognise that some children may prefer to observe rather than actively engage during these visits as they acclimate to their new environment and absorb new experiences.

As part of the orientation process, we recommend a minimum of three short visits at different times of the day, which will be arranged with the Centre Manager. During each visit, our Room Leader and Educators will follow a detailed guide, covering all essential areas such as lockers, sign-in/out procedures, communication charts, bathrooms, and menus. Feel free to use this time to ask any additional questions or request more information about our Centre.

Positive interactions between parents, educators, and the child are crucial during this period to foster a positive attitude towards the Centre. We understand that each child responds to new experiences at their own pace, and our educators will adapt to each child’s individual needs and comfort level.

Before your child’s official first day at Gaven Early Learning Centre, it’s important to ensure that all necessary documentation, including the enrolment form, immunisation records, birth certificate, direct debit form, and any additional information such as allergy action plans, dietary requirements, or special comfort items, has been completed and discussed with the Centre Manager. This allows our team to adequately prepare for your child’s first day and ensures a smooth transition for both you and your child.

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