We offer a range of extra groups and classes at no extra cost including

At Little Seedlings, our aim is to provide a high quality care program for our children and create great bonds with parents and local communities.

Kitchen Club

We understand the importance of encouraging kids to eat a nutritious, balanced diet early on. Our aim is to help guide your child towards sound and healthy food habits which will help your children maintain a healthy weight and good health well into their future.

Sustainability Classes

We understand how important it is to be a sustainably friendly centre, this is why we place a high value and importance on giving children rich, diverse, and warm experiences that promote environmental sustainability.

Yoga Classes

We are proud to announce that we now offer Yoga Classes to our children. This is also a complimentary program like our soccer club that promotes positive benefits for children between the age of 2 – 5 whom are attending the centre.

Soccer Club

We believe that fitness, teamwork and skills development is crucial to children’s learning, and what better way to learn these skills other than a fun activity such as Soccer.

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