What to bring on your first day!

Gaven ELC is proud to be a full service centre. At Gaven ELC we provide all meals, we provide all nappies and wipes, sunscreen, hygiene products, milk for bottles and upon enrolment you also receive a hat and t-shirt for your convenience. So what else might you need to bring along?


If your child is in the Nursery/Toddler room and still using formula you will need to provide us with formula for your child. This needs to be brought to the centre in a sectioned container measured correctly for each bottle.

Breast milk

If you are expressing please be sure to bring milk along with you. This can be frozen and left here at the service in pouches or given directly to educators each morning. You are always more than welcome to attend the service for feeding times if this is an option that is available to you.


You will also need to provide bottles for your child. We ask that you bring as many bottles as your child may require as we do not sterilise them. We also ask that they come filled with the correct amount of water. If your child has transitioned to milk all you need to do is provide the bottles and advise us of how many mls of milk is required.


If your child has a comforter it is often a good idea to bring this along with you. This may be a dummy, a stuffed toy or a small blanket as this might help them settle.

Spare clothing

Please ensure you pack a spare change of clothes or two, or three (maybe four, specifically if your child is toilet training). In early childhood education we learn to expect the unexpected, whether it is finding the only puddle of water, having a toileting accident, spilling food or engaging in messy learning activities.

Please note that if there are any other items you wish to bring along, feel free to do so!

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