What we offer to your little ones!

As a token of our appreciation for enrolling with us, we provide your little ones with a starter pack that includes a sun-safe hat & t-shirt. These items will help your child feel right at home and ready to explore all the amazing learning opportunities we have to offer. Our educational team and curriculums are designed to provide your child with the best possible start, and we can’t wait for you to see them thrive at our Academy!

5 Meals a day

5 meals a day cooked & catered for onsight with the freshest produce by our Qualified Centre Chef.

Nappies & Wipes

Nappies and wipes including all other hygiene products.

Starter Pack

A Gaven ELC enrolment pack including a hat and t-shirt.

Safe Learning

Sunscreen & a Sun Safe Learning Environment.


An intensive school readiness program composed and endorsed by Department of Education Queensland.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support and assistance with access to local child development/health professionals.

Second Home

A second home, family orientated learning environment.

Qualified Team

A team of highly qualified, passionate industry professionals.


Engaging, holistic play based curriculums.


Consistent and honest communication.

Real Care

High quality care practices, prioritising your child’s rights and dignity.


Extensive centre events and active community engagement.

Bush Kindy

Bush Kindy is an outdoor early learning program that celebrates the freedom and fun of nature play. It is all about taking the learning from the indoor environment into the outdoors. In Bush Kindy, children are actively engaged in learning while they explore and experience the world around them. Nature play is an extremely healthy activity for young children, as it encourages natural instincts like creativity, exploration, and physical activity. Bush Kindy strives to create a positive environment where children can feel safe being active outdoors with other friendly children in their neighbourhood.

Gaven State School Visits

Gaven ELC has partnered with Gaven State School to build relationships with the school and teachers. We will visit several times throughout the year to help the children learn what to expect for their transition to ‘Big School’.  Visits include going to the library, visiting a Prep class and participating in the sports carnival are just to name a few.

Intergenerational Gap Program

Gaven ELC is a proud participant in the All Smiles Intergenerational Gap program run in association with the Studio Village Community centre.

Relationships between older and younger people can provide a sense of connection to the past and to the future. Strong relationships with older adults help children form a better sense of who they are, where they have come from and how they fit into this world.

Gardening Program (Sustainability Project)

At Gaven ELC, our environments are set up to enhance sustainability practices.

Our stage areas are surrounded by herb gardens to which the children look after and our perimeter gardens are the children’s growing area in which we are growing a variety of fruits and vegetables. The children measure the growth of the plants and keep a timeline of their growth.  

Gaven ELC shows sustainability in the use of recycled products for creative art projects and composts their scraps through our onsite worm farm.

Gavel ELC is a proud member of the Tangalooma Eco Warriors.

Free Courtesy Bus

Gaven ELC offers a courtesy bus for morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off services to families that live within a 5 km radius to the service.  This bus is always serviced by 2 staff members to ensure the highest safety measures are in place during this time. 

All incursions are free

Throughout the year Gaven ELC will invite specialised entertainers into the service to entertain and educate the children on different topics.  These incursions are all free to our children and their families.

All Vacation Care excursions are included

Gaven ELC is proud to have a fantastic all inclusive Vacation Care Program for our older children who attend school. Our Vacation Care Program is run during the Queensland state school holidays, with most days being excursions away for the service.  All meals and excursions are included in the cost of the program. To ensure the highest quality of care and safety during these times we also have an extra member of staff rostered on to attend these excursions.

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